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Israel’s Cleantech sector singled out as a strong investment opportunity

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Up until recently, if you would ask a cleantech professional, where to invest his next penny, Israel would likely not have been his first choice. A recent report by Dual Citizen (a Washington based research group) proves that Israel should be at the top of this list, specifically fourth, and if you take some other aspects into consideration, it should rank even higher.

The Global Green Economy Index by Dual Citizen, checked perception versus performance in a few aspects, one of which was Cleantech investments. Israel ranked #4 in the index that assesses the vitality and investment opportunity in 27 cleantech markets and provides firms and agencies focused on directing or facilitating cleantech investment with actionable strategic insight.

This input is supported by deals happening in the field, for example the recent $100M investment by the Mississippi Fund in Israeli based HCL Cleantech .  Additionally Israel is ranked #1 in R&D investments as a percentage of the GDP.  Putting all this together, clearly Israel should be very high on the radar of any Cleantech investment group.

The Cleanvest Summit, taking place in Tel Aviv on November 14th, 2011 as part of WATEC 2011, is the ideal forum to meet Israel’s start-ups up close and personal, and to potentially take part in the exploding Cleantech scene in the country.


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