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WATEC 2011 wrap up: innovation, investment and cooperation

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

The WATEC 2011 event provided a unique forum for Israeli technology innovators and international water and energy professionals to meet and forge cooperations. The event was a huge success with 25,000 visitors (including thousands of international visitors), 200 exhibitors (who exhibited on an area 40% larger then the last WATEC event in 2009), 150 international delegations and 30 government ministers arriving from every continent.


The highlight of the show, and what differentiates WATEC from other leading Cleantech events, was the Innovation Pavilion.  Sponsored by Israel NewTech, the Pavilion hall included 40 Israeli start-ups exhibiting their breakthrough Cleantech technologies.  For many it was the first opportunity to meet with an international audience, and provided an opportunity to seek out cooperations and investments.  For international visitors, the Pavilion was a one-stop window into a variety of new technology developments that they could not have accessed anywhere else.


The success of the WATEC event was complimented by a number of important satellite events.  One of these was the Cleanvest Summit, which took place the evening before the opening of the show.  200 participants, including international investors and Israeli start-ups met at this exclusive forum.  18 cleantech start-ups in two sessions had 6 minutes each to present their case to investors.  The investment groups present held billions of dollars of potential seed money.  Feedback on the event was extraordinary, with both investors and start-ups feeling that the truly promising connections were made.  Boaz Albaranes of Israel NewTech, shared his experience after the Cleanvest Summit, “It was a remarkable event.  I’m sure the foreigners that came a day early did not regret it.. I’m certain that significant business will emerge from this forum.”


Additional events around WATEC included the WATEC conference, with a number of presentations by high-level Israeli and international participants, including heads of water utilities and government ministers, as well as visits outside the borders of the show by international delegations to Israeli companies in the field.

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