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Amiad awarded $10 million Australian projects

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Amiad Filtration Systems, one of Israel’s most successful companies active in the water arena since 1962, has been awarded two projects in Australia, at a sum totaling $10 million. The larger of the projects – at $8 million – is for Perth’s Southern SeaWater Desalination Plant, for which Amiad will provide automatic self-cleaning screen filter technology for seawater reverse osmosis membrane protection.

The other contract – at $1.6 million – is for Origin Energy, one of Australia’s leading integrated energy companies, for the supply and commissioning of the Company’s Arkal automatic self-cleaning disc technology and involves the processing of coal seam gas (“CSG”) to liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) at several sites in southern Queensland. Amiad’s solution will perform pre-filtration to ensure membrane protection during the process.

Nir Lang, CEO of Amiad Australia, is quoted as saying: “We’re delighted to have won these significant projects. We were chosen for our ability to provide best-in-class products quickly, and ensure efficiency and cost gains for our customers.”

For Amiad’s press release please click here

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