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Live updates from 6th World Water Forum in Marseille

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Minister Landau at the Booth Opening

Israeli water technology companies are advancing new water projects at the 6th World Water Forum taking place now in Marseille. Ronen Katz, Economic Attache in Paris and Adi Yefet Beeri, of Israel NewTech, updated on the latest: “There’s a positive buzz around the meetings that we organized for Israeli companies here,” says Adi Yefet Beeri. “Mekorot, Netafim, Blue I and other Israel water technology companies are here meeting with major French utilities such as Veolia, Suez and the water authorities of Marseille, Lyon and Aix-en-Provence.”

Economic Attache Ronen Katz added, “The relationships with French water utilities and companies were forged when they visited the last WATEC event in November in Israel. I expect major projects and cooperations to come out of these follow-up meetings in Marseille.”

The Israeli Booth held an opening ceremony on Tuesday March 13th, and on Wednesday a breakfast was held at the Israel-France chamber of commerce, with 80 participants including Energy and Water Minister Uzi Landau.

In the framework of the Forum, Minister Landau chaired a high-level intergovernmental session on wastewater management. The session was co-chaired by Singaporean Environment and Water Resources Minister Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan.

According to a report in the Jerusalem Post , Landau and Balakrishnan addressed topics of water recycling and restoration, and representatives from various nations presented the status of wastewater management and reuse modes in their countries, as well as the individual obstacles that they face, according to the Energy and Water Ministry. Participants from 16 non
governmental organizations, including Israel’s national water company Mekorot, also responded to key questions about water situation.

“Israel is pioneering in the fields of water technology, conservation, proper management of the resource and efficient and maximum use,” Landau said in a statement released by his office.

“We have pride in this, and we have much to offer. We are considered the leaders in the world in terms of wastewater treatment, and about 93 percent of Israeli wastewater is treated, with about 80% of it restored for reuse. We intend to present at the conference the revolution that has passed through Israel in recent years and to challenge the member countries at the forum to double sewage treatment by the year 2025.”

The Israel stand at the Forum is being led by Israel NewTech, The Israel Export Institute, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israeli Foreign Trade Administration, the Israeli Water Authority, and the Ministry of Water and Energy.

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