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Israel Cleantech Trends – from Israel Cleantech Ventures

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Yoni Cohen (for Forbes) recently sat down for an in-depth interview with the three founding partners of Israel Cleantech Ventures: Jack Levy, Meir Ukeles, and Glen Schwaber. The interview discussion covers some interesting trends and insights.

Jack Levy talked about an interesting cultural basis for Israel’s tech success, the willingness to fail. In addition to the often-cited reasons of the strong tech background many Israelis gain in the military, and the nation’s lack of natural resource as a motivational factor, Israel’s “… risk-taking culture,” one where failure is accepted as a step to success, helps bring about innovations and accomplishments ultimately, according to Levy.

Another trend discussed was the rise of Agritech, with foreign companies (Syngenta and Monsanto) acquiring Israeli companies. Levy also notes that Israel’s academic community has been focused on agritech (like solar and water) for a long time, making for a strong base for agritech startups.

The investors also talked about their portfolio companies, including Panoramic Power a start-up pursuing a cloud-hosted energy monitoring platform and service, Tigo Energy, CellEra, and BetterPlace.


Read the full Forbes article here. 

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