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Israeli Success Story Bermad – optimal flow around the world

By: Mickey Chesla

In 1965 a small, modest control and metering valves company for the irrigation market was established in Israel. Today Bermad is an empire, supplying its products for the irrigation market, for municipal and national waterworks systems and for the fire protection at the industrial high hazard market. With activity in 80 countries,Bermad has a leadership position in all the important markets around the world. The Company continues to grow from year to year. One of the secrets to its success is the focus on innovation and the investment in R&D – about 3% of the Company’s turnover.

Bermad was founded in Kibbutz Evron in Israel’s Western Galilee region, and began activity mainly in the irrigation arena. In 1970 two important events occurred: the Company began to export internationally, and entered into the water supply market. Since then, Bermad has gone a long way, and emerged a global leader in the area of control solutions for the water supply, irrigation systems and fire protection in high hazard industries. The Company has about 550 employees, 400 of whom work in Israel, is active in 80 countries and 5 continents, and holds subsidiaries in seven countries. In others, the Company works through a network of distributors who have been working with Bermad for many years and are able to provide pre and post-sales support to their customers, and hold local stock of Bermad products.

Bermad provides comprehensive customized solutions for the water and air flow control and management of water supply markets. The Company specializes in smart Automatic Hydraulic Control Valves (AHCV) and Air Control Valves (AV) in 3 main business segments: municipal and national waterworks, agriculture and landscape irrigation and high hazard-fire protection systems…

Bermad is active in the arena of water supply – the drinking water market, both municipal and national water systems, including water supply to high rise buildings. “In these systems our products make sure that water flow to end customers is in the right pressure, sometimes prioritizing different areas according to needs, and protecting the pipeline infrastructure,” explains Nir Naveh, Bermad’s VP of Marketing.

Bermad also specializes in solutions for the leakage control field in municipalities, which is responsible for the loss of an average of 30% of all the drinking water in the world. Bermad is one of the leading suppliers in the world in this arena.

In the irrigation arena, Bermad is a world leader in hydraulic control for irrigation systems, and claims to offer the largest range of products in this field, both plastic and metal made. “Our products are mainly integrated in Micro Irrigation Systems (MIS), and they are present in the full spectrum in this arena, beginning with the water source, through the water delivery systems to the field, as well as in infield systems, in all the necessary applications whether for greenhouses or open areas,” explains Naveh. “Our solutions are able to measure and allocate water quantities and flow for irrigation systems, and in addition we also provide irrigation control products for the landscape market; golf courses and municipal gardens (an arena which is largely privately controlled and which makes use of different types of systems). We work with international irrigation companies all over the world, as well as provide products directly to end customers.”

In the field of fire protection systems in high hazard areas, Bermad provides products and solutions for the different systems of the Petro Chemical Industry, power plants, and oil and gas companies (the PPOG market). For high hazard area systems, Bermad provides a range of independent deluge valves, up to integrated deluge systems which include control and monitoring of the fire protection fluid flow during an event of fire or explosion. “We are very active in the oil and gas market, both in the on-shore and off-shore facilities, in all the major markets in the world,” says Naveh.


A long term commitment

Bermad is a private company, and therefore its financial figures are not made public, but according to different media reports the Company’s revenues are in the tens of millions of dollars a year.

Even though Bermad offers a wide variety of products, the Company has no “shelf” products, but rather works in a “configure to order” principle, so that each application is tailored to the specific requirements of the system and customer.

An essential part of Bermad’s success is the Company’s commitment to research & development. “We invest about 3% of our turnover in R&D, and we have a very strong R&D and engineering department with more than 30 engineers,” says Naveh. “The development of our products is done in-house, and we work very closely with our clients’ engineering teams. Our technologies are of course protected by patents, and our products continue to receive our technical and engineering support throughout their lifecycle at our clients’ systems,” he concludes.

This long term relationship is a corner stone in the Company’s culture. “We are continually in touch with our customers. The system is a dynamic one, with water flowing through it – a “live” system – and the client often faces dilemmas, challenges and maintenance issues that he has to deal with. We work in the field with our clients to ensure that our products are functioning optimally, even after years, and we are committed to working with maintenance crews everywhere we are needed,” emphasizes Naveh.

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