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Israeli energy delegation makes a strong showing in South Africa

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

As reported by the Israeli Economic Attache in South Africa, 14 Israeli energy companies specializing in renewable energy and energy efficiency, visited South Africa recently. In total over 250 meetings were organized for members of the delegation resulting in several pilot projects and distribution agreements (the event took place on March 26-29).

The delegation started their visit with meetings with key role players at Eskom which proved to be very fruitful. Senior officials from Eskom from the Renewable energy Division, Demand Side Management, Transmission and IT participated in the seminar and had one on one meetings with the Israeli companies.

The delegation then had meetings with major energy users such as where the Israeli Trade Office in South Africa hosted a renewable energy and energy efficiency pavilion.

The companies were:

Arava Power Company specialises in large scale solar PV projects

Beemtech produce an energy management and lighting control solution

Elsol manufacturer of solar water heaters

Chromagen manufacturer of solar water heaters

Eternegy developers of a very cost effective solar-tracker for PV panels

Gamatronics produce UPS systems

Globe Light and Water System produce a solar power street light and LED bulb for external use

Juganu produce a low wattage LED bulb

Metrycom have developed a wireless system to monitor contamination on high voltage lines

Power Plug have developed a PC power management solution to reduce the electricity consumption of computers.

Profal manufacture aluminium profiles specifically manufactured for the solar industry

• Solar Power specialise in solar PV projects

Solaris Energy have developed an unique security solution to prevent the theft of PV Panels

• Windstar have developed a solution to detect the optimal height of wind turbines


For the full article from the South African Economic Mission click here.


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