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Singapore welcomes Israeli water technology companies at SIWW2012

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2012 is underway and a delegation of 13 Israeli water technology companies are in attendance. The event is one of the most important water events in South East Asia, with a large international attendance. The visiting Israeli companies are active in areas including purification, advanced filtering of water transport infrastructure, water security through biological monitoring, advanced, energy-efficient desalination solutions and more. The Israeli companies will be exhibiting at the Israeli Pavilion at SIWW 2012 which is sponsored by Israel NewTech and the Israeli Export Institute.

Shay Zarevich, the Israeli Economic Attaché in Singapore, said, “The potential for cooperation for Israeli companies in South East Asian countries like Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand is huge. These countries will need to invest very significant sums in the coming years in building and upgrading their water and wastewater infrastructures in order to meet the needs of their local populations and support their expected economic growth. Israel’s water industry has proven advantages and the Economic office in Singapore is working to bring Israeli companies into different industry projects in which Singapore and developing South-East Asian countries are active. Israel’s economic attachés from around the world – from Vietnam to Canada – worked to create quality meetings between Israeli companies and attending delegations from their home countries.

Gilad Peled, head of the water sector in the Israeli Export Institute, added “SIWW is one of the most important events of the year in the water industry and presents a great opportunity for Israeli water companies to present their capabilities in the Israeli Pavilion at the event, and to find partners in Singapore and in Asia in general…”

The Israeli companies attending SIWW2012 are: Amiad, Aqwise, A.R.I., Bermad, Desalitech, Diffusaire, Galcon, Hakohav, Hop Engineering, PML, Powercom, SIRD, WateRevive, Whitewater.


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