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UN recognizes Mekorot’s Dan wastewater treatment plant as global model

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Mekorot’s Dan Region Wastewater Treatment Plant is among 30 projects from around the world chosen by the United Nations to demonstrate the ability of local authorities to deal with environmental problems.

Mekorot‘s chairman of the board, Alex Wiznitzer, said that the company’s goal is to fully utilize all the treated wastewater in Israel and stop completely the flow of unused treated wastewater to the environment. Mekorot is a world-leader in terms of quality and amounts of treated wastewater recycled to agriculture.

Haaretz reported that the plant was included on the list thanks to its unique method of using the natural filtration qualities of sand in order to improve the quality of sewage. After wastewater is purified in an ordinary facility, it is recharged into the ground, where it undergoes an additional, natural filtration. This improves the quality of the water such that it can ultimately be used safely for all forms of irrigation.

The list of projects was published in a special report of the UN Environment Programme and ICLEI, an international association of local governments that have made a commitment to sustainable development.

Recently Mekorot, who manages the plant, has begun to develop even more advanced methods of purifying the sewage before recharging it into the sand.

For the article in Haaretz click here.

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