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bSolar taps solar potential

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Israel21C interviewed bSolar CEO Yossi Kofman on his Company’s approach to maximizing the potential of solar panels.

bSolar was founded in 2007 with a $10 million investment, $3 million of which comes from Genesis Partners. bSolar bought a flailing 30-megawatt solar panel production plant in Germany where it is now manufacturing its bifacial solar cells.

Today the company employs 40 people between the hubs of Jerusalem, where the company is headquartered, and Heilbronn, Germany, where its first production plant is located. The company is currently fulfilling orders out of Germany, including for a 700-kilowatt ground-mounted solar power plant in Japan.

“We are not the first to produce bifacial solar panels. But we are the first to mass-produce them at such a low cost,” Kofman tells ISRAEL21c.

While the cost of the bSolar product is a bit higher than a one-sided photovoltaic panel, says Kofman, it can produce at least 20 percent more power. This meaningful difference in efficiency could justify the cost when space is limited, such as on building rooftops or when photovoltaic panels are integrated into the building envelope itself.

Using a thin layer of boron, instead of the traditional bottom aluminum layer, the cells can collect the reflected sun from clouds or off the ground or rooftops through the bottom of the panel, while improving efficiency of the top, or A-side, of the solar cell.

The company currently seeks another few million dollars in order to refine R&D and to ramp up marketing and sales.

bSolar is now exhibiting in the Solar Power International 2012 event in Florida, in Hall B Booth 2881.  Bill Clinton will be delivering the keynote speech at this event.

For the full Israel21C article click here.


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