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EnergyVest – the place to be for cleantech investors

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

The fifth annual Eilat-Eilot event is coming up November 27-29 in Eilat, Israel. This year, an exciting investment summit will precede the event, on November 26th, the EnergyVest Summit, where 20 of the most innovative renewable energy startup companies in Israel will present their technologies to investors from around the world.

The event is an opportunity to brainstorm on the challenges facing the renewable energy investment community, and be introduced to innovative Israeli entrepreneurs, local and international investors and government officials. The event is being organized by Israel NewTech and the Investment Promotion Center in association with Eilat Eilot 2012.

In 2011 Israel’s hi-tech industry, including cleantech, saw a return to pre-recession of 2008 figures, with 546 Israeli companies recruiting $2.14 Billion from VC’s and investors. Despite economic concerns, the first half of 2012 looks promising, with 270 companies raising $936 Million.

Additionally, Israel’s cleantech industry continues to strengthen and gain a prominent leadership position in the world. The prestigious Cleantech Group just published a report noting Israel is the “stand out country” in cleantech success, with an impressive 8 of the 100 companies noted as most promising Israeli. Israeli companies stand out due to a unique combination of innovative technology, and a pragmatic, market-minded approach.

The international investment and corporate community is taking notice of Israel’s cleantech potential. GE invested in a number of Israeli cleantech companies in 2011, including SolarEdge, Emefcy and Better Place, and its Ecomagination platform cooperated with Winflex, GridOn and Pythagoras Solar. Israeli entrepreneurs are being drawn more and more to the cleantech arena, with 15 new cleantech companies being established in Israel in the first half of 2012 alone, as reported by IVC.

Oded Distel, head of Israel NewTech, which stands behind the EnergyVest event, is optimistic the event will be a success and become a yearly staple of the Eilat-Eilat conference. “Our world is hungry for energy independence, and the challenges we face to create a sustainable energy foundation that doesn’t harm our environment, make for fertile ground for developing innovative solutions in renewable energy. EnergyVest is a unique opportunity to bring in the different players in the market. Some of the international investors and companies who have already confirmed their participation are: Bosch, ABB, the World Bank and investors from Europe, the U.S. and Asia.”

Israeli companies who will be presenting their technologies at EnergyVest include: Metrolight, EVR Motors, Redler, NCF, Tenoga, Powercom, LCB Bioenergy, HelioFocus, Green Ride, Phase3, CellEra, Winflex, TransBiodiesel, SolarBead, SmartWind and Nanergy Systems.

For more information on EnergyVest click here


About Eilat-Eilot (from the event site):

Each year the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy initiative hosts one of the world’s most prominent renewable energy innovation conferences.

In 2011, over 2,000 leading professionals from government, business, academia and NGOs attended the conference. Guests and delegates from around the globe created a fruitful working atmosphere and enjoyed productive business networking.

The 2012 conference will emphasize the global need for implementing a holistic approach in order to enable the next phase of substantial penetration of alternative energy technologies into the global energy arena. The program includes a variety of presentations, interactive discussions, side events and field trips dealing with topics such as oil alternatives, smart grid, energy efficiency, EV, solar, wind and biogas as well as the required interaction with bridge energy sources such as natural gas.

Israel is a world leader in the field of renewable energy and the conference is the main stage to showcase Israeli Renewable Energy projects, startups and innovation. The Government of Israel will announce at the conference new ambitious projects and policy measures such as the first grid parity tariff.



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