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CleanVest Summit to bring fresh formats to water technology networking event

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

WATEC 2013 is quickly approaching, and one of the most anticipated events at WATEC will by the CleanVest Summit 2013. This year’s event, which follows up on the successful Summit from 2011, will take place in Tel Aviv on October 21st, the day before the opening of WATEC 2013. The event will bring together 200 Israeli water technology companies, investors and leading players in the international water arena. We spoke with Boaz Albaranes of Israel NewTech, the government program dedicated to advancing Israel’s cleantech industries and a major sponsor of both WATEC and the CleanVest Summit, to learn more.

“There’s a strong positive vibe going into the upcoming CleanVest Summit,” says Albaranes. “Probably this is due to the positive feedback that the last Summit received. Israel is recognized as a source for some of the world’s most innovative technologies in the water arena, and this continues to be a draw for investors from around the world.” One of the leading trends in the industry, and an arena in which Israeli companies particularly excel, is in the juncture “where hi-tech meets cleantech”. In this area there are a number of Israeli companies which develop algorithms, computerized programs and solutions for more efficient management of water systems, for example. A number of such companies will present their technologies at the summit.

Boaz Albaranes

Boaz Albaranes

Albaranes tells of the fresh formats that be implemented in this year’s event to keep the activity energized and enable optimal networking. Following the opening remarks of Israel NewTech head Oded Distel, and the presentation by Minister of the Economy Naftali Bennett, attendees will break up into round table discussions. Each table will be led by a seasoned expert in the water arena, and will center around a set topic, such as “Strategic Partnerships as a Major Financial Resource” and “”Transfer of WaterTech to Emerging Markets.” Attendees will be able to participate in a number of round table discussions.

Following this, the 11 water technology start-ups which were selected will present on their technologies, each for 6 minutes. However, in a change from last year’s format, they will be questioned by 2 panelists, and, time-allowing, by the audience. This will make for a more dynamic and inclusive discussion then the straight presentations given in the 2011 event. The presenting companies are: AMS, Aquanos, Smartap, Powercom, Applied Cleantech, WellToDo, AcousticEye, Harbo, MemTech, Peak Dynamics and Stream Booster. The event will be attended by additional start-ups, who will have an opportunity to discuss their technologies with investors at, for example, the networking dinner that will close the event.

“Registration for the CleanVest Summit is already about four times higher than it was at this same stage two years ago,” tells us Albaranes. “Reactions to that event were overwhelmingly positive, companies found participation one of the most effective activities undertaken at WATEC, and I know of at least one major investment and another strategic business cooperation that emerged from that event.” This year’s Summit promises to be even more exciting and open more doors for cooperation.



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