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Agrivest 2013 – trends and investment opportunities in Agritech

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

“At last year’s Agrivest event we made contacts that turned out to have strategic importance to the company and to our ability to get to the next stage,” says Dotan Peleg, CEO of Morflora, an Israeli start-up active in the seed treatment sphere. Now Agrivest 2013 is coming up, and Israeli agritech companies will be there seeking out their strategic investor or partner. The event will take place in Tel Aviv on December 3rd.

Dotan Peleg, CEO Morflora

Dotan Peleg, CEO Morflora

Agrivest is organized by Mofet, a Trendlines Venture Accelerator, working on behalf of Israel’s Ministry of Economy. We spoke with Mofet Trendlines CEO Dr. Nitza Kardish about the latest trends in the Agritech arena: “At last year’s event we had a representative from IBM talk about ‘Big Data in Agriculture’. At the time it seemed a new direction in Agritech, but over the past year we’ve seen it take hold in a very big way.” According to Dr. Kardish, there are people transitioning from hi-tech to agritech, just as they did about 15 years ago to the medical devices arena. “Precision agriculture is gaining momentum, and the skill and experience of Israel’s hi-tech industry is now extremely relevant to agriculture,” says Dr. Kardish.

The Trendlines AgTech accelerator has two companies offering solutions in precision agriculture in its portfolio: Saturas, which developed an embedded stem water potential sensor, and Metabolic Robots, which offers robotic systems for real-time calibration of poultry feeding.

“Following WATEC and the CleanVest Summit which took place in Israel in October, AgriVest presents another excellent opportunity for Israeli technology companies and investors to learn about one another and to locate the right partners. Our role at the Ministry of the Economy is to create these opportunities, because this is an excellent way to drive the entire industry forward,” says Oded Distel, head of Israel NewTech and the Investment Promotion Center at the Ministry of Economy,

Dr. Nitza Kardish

Dr. Nitza Kardish


During the days around the event, Mofet will take 15 international visitors – investors and government officials – on a learning tour of Israeli agriculture technologies, visiting sites from the north to the south. The main event will be the conference taking place December 3rd in the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. The conference will feature speakers from international investment bodies, government representatives, and Israeli technology companies. Among the speaker will be Dr. Philippe Herve, Head of R&D Alliance Management Team, Bayer, Peleg Chevion, Head of Abiotic Stress Management/Crop Enhancement, Syngenta, Dr. Virginia Ursin, Technology Prospecting Lead, Science Fellow, Monsanto Research and Ofra Strauss, Chairperson, Strauss Group. The investors panel will include representatives from Paine & Partners, Cultivian Sandbox Ventures, AgFunder, and Greensoil Investment.

Israeli agritech start-up companies are invited to attend and meet and mingle with these and other potential investors. Click here for registration information for the event.

For the list of Israeli agritech companies presenting at Agrivest click here.


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