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Hagihon Provides Platform for Israeli Water Technology Innovations

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Jerusalem’s Water Utility Rated Top 5 Water Utility by EU ReportHagichon logo

Hagihon Company Ltd., the Jerusalem Region Water and Wastewater Utility, got brilliant marks in the recent EU report “EIP Water, City Blueprints of 25 Cities and Regions, Interim Report,” placing in the top 5 of the mainly European cities covered. The report was put together by the KWR Watercycle Research Institute and Netwerch2o, for The European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP Water), which aims to boost best practice in water management and opportunities for innovation in the water sector.

Jerusalem got the rare top score of 10 in a number of parameters in the report, including: management and action plans, drinking water quality, and water efficiency. Overall Jerusalem received a score of 7.2, and was placed in the top 5 performing municipal utilities together with Hamburg, Malmo, Amsterdam and Oslo, and ahead of a number of major cities including Athens, Melbourne, Genoa and Rotterdam.

We spoke with the CEO of Hagihon, Zohar Yinon: “This KWR report is evidence that Hagihon is not only the leading municipal water utility in Israel, but is also positioned amongst the leading municipal water utilities in Europe and indeed the world.”

Zohar Yinon (right) and Oded Distel of Israel NewTech

Zohar Yinon (right) and Oded Distel of Israel NewTech

Hagihon is active not only in supplying the Jerusalem metropolis with its water needs in an effective manner, but also in supporting the development of technologies which will make water utilities even more efficient in the future. “Israel is home to many innovative water technology companies, and we at Hagihon provide the ‘full playground’ for companies to test their technologies in a real municipal water network environment, “says Yinon. Hagihon has conducted pilots with Israeli companies including Takadu and Stream Control, and is presently collaborating with Curapipe and BAS Detect. Hagihon is also currently conducting an initial commercial installation of Aquarius Spectrum’s acoustic leak detection system throughout Hagihon’s network. Aquarius Spectrum’s technology is raising the interest of water utilities around the globe.

Yinon tells us about the latest project in which Hagihon is involved, developing a solution, combining sensors and software, which will provide real-time identification of water systems contamination. The development is being done under the framework of the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), and the technology, which was begun by Whitewater, is being developed by Israeli company Decision Makers Ltd., led by Dr. Eyal Brill, and German company Fraunhofer, which is developing the water event management system.

Adi Yefet

Adi Yefet

Adi Yefet, head of the water sector at Israel NewTech, the government program dedicated to promoting Israel’s cleantech industry, adds “We’re pleased to see Hagihon recognized in this EU report. One of the most important factors in a vibrant water industry is having the infrastructure available to test new technologies in real life utility scenarios. The most brilliant technologies can be prevented from going to market if they don’t present proven performance at utilities. We at Israel NewTech applaud Zohar Yinon and his team for the important role they play in Israel’s strong and growing water industry.”

To view the full EIP report click here.


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