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Amiad Awarded U.S. Navy Contract, recognized for Excellence in Export

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Amiad, a leading Israeli producer of water treatment and filtration solutions, was honored by the Israeli government with the “Outstanding Exporter Award of 2012.” In addition, the company has recently closed an important project of automatic self cleaning screen filters to the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy.

Oded Distel, head of Israel NewTech, the government program at the Ministry of Economy dedicated to promoting Israel’s cleantech industry, congratulated Amiad on the win: “The Israeli government identified cleantech as a potential leading industry for generating revenue through export, and in 2006 established the Israel NewTech program to provide support. So it’s particularly satisfying for us to see Amiad and other cleantech companies get top honors for export. Cleantech is now rightfully placed as one of Israel’s leading export sectors.”

President Peres, Minister Bennett, CEO Arik Dayan (photo: Mark Neiman)

President Peres, Minister Bennett, CEO Arik Dayan (photo: Mark Neiman)

Over 120,000 companies are registered in Israel and only ten were recognized for excellence in export, Amiad among them. The award was given at a ceremony at the official residence of the President of Israel, by President Shimon Peres and by the Minister of Economy Mr. Naftali Bennett. Amiad Systems CEO Arik Dayan commented on the win in the company’s press release: “I’m thankful and proud to receive the Outstanding Exporter Award. This is an award for the effort and dedication of all of Amiad’s employees, whose efforts have brought us to where we are today. One of the world’s biggest problems is the lack of clean drinking water, and Amiad’s vision is to develop innovative technologies to address this challenge. In 2012 Amiad exported products totaling US$83M and we’re proud to be bringing Israeli innovation around the world.”

Amiad has recently announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Amiad USA, Inc. has been awarded a contract to supply Amiad automatic self-cleaning screen filters for the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy (CVN 79), the second ship of the new class of US Navy aircraft carriers.

This follows the successful installation of Amiad filters in the first carrier of the class, the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78), which was launched on 17 November 2013. Under the terms of the contract, Amiad will supply a pre-filtration solution providing protection for the reverse osmosis (“RO”) system to provide fresh water. Amiad’s filtration solution was selected to extend the life of the RO membranes as well as reduce operating costs.

CEO Dayan commented on this latest contract: “We are delighted to be supplying the next US aircraft carrier with our advanced filters as it emphasizes the important role Amiad’s solutions perform within the filtration process – as per our strategy to be at the heart of any water system throughout the world. We’re proud that Amiad was awarded this contract , which demonstrates the strength of our offering, and we look forward to successfully delivering this project.”

Amiad USA, with facilities in Mooresville, NC and Oxnard, CA, offers a complete line of filtration products ranging from 3500 micron to as low as 10 micron in a variety of materials with which to customize the most effective filtration solutions for the municipal, industrial, irrigation, oil & gas and ballast water segments.

Amiad is headquartered in northern Israel and employs over 400 people in the Galilee region.

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