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Strides for Israeli Water Companies in the Oil & Gas Industry – OTC Event Summary

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Noble Energy OTC Event 8A delegation of 18 Israeli companies providing supporting solutions to the Oil & Gas industry just returned from the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas.  OTC offered the participating companies unprecedented access to senior managers in the world’s largest Oil & Gas companies.

“The quality and level of meetings that we held at OTC far exceeded our expectations,” said Oded Rose, CEO of Flow Industries, which is one of the only companies in the world offering a solution for prefracking and the rejuvenation of wells. “The organizers did an amazing job and arranged meetings for us with senior level decision makers who we would not otherwise have had an opportunity to meet, and I’m very optimistic about the business contacts that were initiated for Flow at OTC.”

One event which stood out particularly at OTC was the off-site technology event at the global Noble Energy headquarters.  We spoke with Noble Energy’s Government Relations Advisor, Noa Binyamin, who organized the event.  “The Noble Energy event at OTC brought together the Israeli delegation and the management of Noble Energy, as well of three major subcontractors of Noble – Universal Energy Services, Baker Hughes and Shlumberger – for high quality, one on one business meetings. The reaction to the Israeli companies and technologies was enthusiastic and we look forward to fruitful business partnerships emerging from the event.  Noble Energy is pleased to be providing a platform for these innovative Israeli companies to access the world’s Oil & Gas companies, and we believe the industry will benefit from Israeli technologies.”

According to Niv Morag, Business Development Manager of the Water, Oil & Gas Sector at the Israel Export Institute, Israeli water companies are offering solutions to very pressing challenges in the industry, making them especially attractive.  “Oil & Gas manufacturers are aggressively seeking solutions to the problem of the ‘produced’ water – this is the polluted water that results from the oil & gas production process.  Israeli companies such as Nirosoft, Flow and others, which offer solutions for the treatment and reuse of produced water, in ways that are cost effective and environmentally friendly, were in very high demand at OTC.”

The Israeli delegation to OTC was organized by the Israeli Economic Office in Houston under the leadership of Economic Officer Michal Nidam. Israel’s Economic Officers from the Netherlands, Brazil and Canada, as well as all 5 Officers in the U.S. were also involved in the planning, as well as representatives from Israel NewTech and the Israel Export Institute.


Photos from the Noble Energy Event for Israeli companies at OTC:
Credit: Kevin McGowan Photography


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