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Israel NewTech Brings Cleantech Technologies to TEVA

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Water and energy are everywhere.  Every large industry, from pharmaceuticals to oil & gas and more, makes massive use of water and energy resources and has a lot to benefit by using them more efficiently.  One of the goals that the Israel NewTech program has set for itself is to bring Israeli cleantech technology companies to new markets.   This was the case earlier this month with Israeli pharmaceutical giant TEVA.

Oded Distel at Teva

Oded Distel at Teva

“Israel Newtech worked very closely with us to identify those technologies which could be relevant for implementation in our production processes,” said Meirav Avigdor, Director, Environment, Global TAPI & IL at Teva, who organized the event together with Shai Levi, Teva’s Director, Global Energy & Systems.  Teva and Israel Newtech held a dialogue which included understanding the areas where Teva could potentially benefit from Israeli cleantech technologies, reviewing a long list of potential companies, and finally selecting 10 Israeli energy and water companies.  Those ten attended a seminar day at Teva’s Israeli headquarters on May 12th, at which they presented their solutions to the Teva managers responsible for operations in Israel and internationally.

We spoke with Adi Yefet, head of the water arena at Israel NewTech, about the event: “Israel NewTech cooperated with the Samuel Neaman Institute to identify industries which could implement Israeli alternative energy and water solutions and open up new markets for Israeli companies.  The pharmaceutical industry, which utilizes tremendous amounts of energy and water in its production processes, was identified as one such industry.  Our work with Teva is a direct outcome of this activity.”

As Avigdor mentioned, Teva found particular interest in a number of technologies in the energy efficiency arena. Teva is in the beginning stages of planning trials and pilots with companies which attended the event. Since Teva has production partners throughout the world, for an Israeli company a cooperation with the headquarters opens up a lot of doors for potential further business.  Not only that, but a successful case study at Teva is a great way for an energy or water company to get a foothold in the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.

“Working with Israel NewTech is a very effective way for us to explore new technologies,” said Meirav Avidgor of Teva. “If any one of these companies came to us on their own, we probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet with them.  But as it was, we got all the background information from Israel NewTech, we were able to find out about new technologies, select only those with real relevance for us, and take it from there.”

The ten companies which attended the seminar day at Teva were: Atlantium, Blue I, CQM, Eltav, Emefcy, Enverid Systems, Pheobus, PML, PowerSines, TACount and UET.

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