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Singapore Water Week Brings Israeli Water Technologies to Asia-Pacific

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

“Singapore International Water Week wrapped up earlier this month, and a delegation of 15 Israeli companies made an impressive showing at the event, conducting 400 quality meetings with companies from throughout Asia-Pacific. Singapore Water Week Booth

“Our participation in Singapore Water Week was very successful,” said Michael Argaman AIPAC Sales Director of Atlantium, which develops safe and sustainable water treatment solutions. “I highly recommend Israeli companies take advantage of the platforms offered by Israel NewTech, the Israel Export Institute and the Foreign Trade Administration.  The exposure we got at the event was tremendous and I predict that we will be entering cooperations with water companies as a direct result of the activity in Singapore.”

Niv Morag, head of the water sector at the Israel Export Institute, told us more about the event: “Singapore Water Week is a very international affair, and participating companies were able to create and strengthen ties with countries from Asia-Pacific and beyond.”  One example of this was the Israeli-U.K. networking cocktail event, which brought together Israeli and British water companies in a “mundial” themed evening. “The cooperation between Israeli and British companies in the water arena is really taking off recently,” concluded Morag.  One example is the recent announcement that the U.K.’s United Utilities will install Mapal Green Energy’s floating fine bubble aeration system in its networks.

Another notable event was an evening at the home of H.E. Yael Rubinstein, the Ambassador of Israel to Singapore.  “Olivia Lum, the CEO of Hyflux, one of the biggest companies in Singapore, attended the Canadian event,” said Adi Yefet, head of water at Israel NewTech, which was involved in the organization of the delegation. “This was a great opportunity for the Israeli companies to interact with one of the most powerful CEO’s in the global water arena.  Hyflux is based in Singapore, but today the company manages water projects across China, India, the MENA region as well as Singapore and Southeast Asia.”Singapore Water Week Booth

Another region with huge potential for Israeli companies in the water arena is Indonesia.  According to Ron Snir, Israel’s Economic Attaché to Singapore and Indonesia, there is growing mutual interest between Israeli and Indonesian companies in the water sphere. “Indonesia has passed the billion dollars in GDP and is now one of the top ten economies in the world, and growing quickly. Singapore Water Week provided Israeli companies with a great opportunity to create inroads into Indonesia’s water arena.  We’re seeing increased mutual interest and I believe we’ll be seeing more and more business between Israeli and Indonesian companies in the water arena,” concluded Snir.

The Israeli delegation and events at Singapore Water Week were organized in a joint effort by Israel NewTech, the Israeli Export Institute, and the Foreign Trade Administration in the Ministry of Economy, specifically the Economic Attachés in Singapore, Ron Snir, in Thailand, Barak Sharabi and in Vietnam, Zafrir Asaf.  The following Israeli companies participated in the delegation: AmiadAqwiseAquarius Spectrum, A.R.I, Atlantium, BermadBlue I, Filtersafe, GAL-AL Co., Galcon, Genaphora, Hakohav Valves, HOP-Engineering Ltd., Mekorot, Mekorot WaTech. For the full catalog of participating companies click here.

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