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Emefcy Presents SABRE: A Revolutionary Product in Wastewater Treatment

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Emefcy, a well-established Israeli start-up already known for its breakthrough wastewater treatment technologies, is introducing a revolutionary new product into the market – the modular Spiral Aerobic Biofilm Reactor (SABRE). On September 9th Emefcy announced the product at an event launching its demo plant in Caesarea, Israel.


Eytan Levy at the SABRE Installation

We spoke with Emefcy CEO and veteran cleantech entrepreneur Eytan Levy, who gave us the first scoop on SABRE and what it means for the wastewater treatment industry:
“Wastewater treatment necessitates, besides removal of organic matter, also a process of nitrogen removal, which is also strictly regulated,” explains Levy. “This is a complex and costly process which often makes small wastewater treatment plants not viable. SABRE is about to change this equation. The technology provides high effluent quality, including nitrogen removal, using much reduced energy consumption, creating an economically attractive solution for small wastewater plants.”

SABRE is based on oxygen permeable, or breathable, membrane technology. This direction has been researched in academia quite extensively, but Emefcy’s SABRE product is the first time the technology is reaching the marketplace. The breathable membrane enables a 90% savings in energy, produces less sludge, is modular and prevents odors. The product is geared to the municipal and domestic markets. According to Levy, Emefcy is already in discussions with the many customers and partners in target markets regarding SABRE.

In attendance at the launch event was Adi Yefet, head of the water arena at Israel NewTech. “Emefcy is one of the most exciting cleantech companies to emerge from Israel,” she says. “The company has won numerous international awards, and is regularly selected to the Cleantech “Global Cleantech100” Report. Eytan Levy has a proven track record, having already founded the successful AqWise, previously to Emefcy. We at Israel NewTech have been working closely with Emefcy for years and we’re excited to see the launch of SABRE, which we believe constitutes a breakthrough in the domestic and municipal wastewater treatment arena.”

Emefcy was founded in 2008 and has raised significant investments from leading VCs and from GE Ventures. – This SABRE demonstration plant was sponsored in part by a grant from Israel’s Ministry of Energy and Water Resources. The Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, Dr. Shlomo Wald and head of R&D Division Dr. Igor Derzi -attended the SABRE launch event. The company is also consistently supported by the Office of the Chief Scientist in Israel’s Ministry of Economy.

“Our target customers are hotels, resorts and small communities,” explains Levy, which can adapt novel technologies in a faster decision making process, relative to municipal water utilities. SABRE enables distributed water mining, and provides a very high quality of treated water, useful for agricultural or landscape irrigation.”

Levy also cites Emefcy’s long-standing cooperation with Israel NewTech as a factor contributing to the company’s success. “Attending Israel NewTech events and delegations in Israel and abroad has opened doors for Emefcy at investors and potential customers, and also allowed us greater perspective into ‘the voice of the customer’ as we develop our products,” he concludes.

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