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EnergyVest – Israel’s Premiere Alternative Energy Investment Event – To Take Place this December

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Israel’s leading energy investment summit – EnergyVest – is coming up quickly.  This year the event will take place as part of a week long series of conferences, exhibitions and special events: Israel Energy Week.

We spoke with Moran Buganim, head of the energy arena at Israel NewTech:
“This is the second year Israel NewTech is organizing EnergyVest, an event specifically focused on bringing together Israeli technology companies and investors from around the globe, in conjunction with the Eilat Eilot event.  We received excellent feedback from both entrepreneurs and investors after last year’s event, and we expect this EnergyVest to open many more opportunities for cooperation.  The participating companies represent Israel’s most innovative technology companies in the arena of alternative energy.”

The Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative recently published a press release with additional information about the upcoming event:

EnergyVest will provide an opportunity for global investors to interact with Israel’s leading renewable energy technology companies. The event will showcase the country’s new alternative and sustainable energy technology companies looking for strategic investments and partnerships and will include presentations from AugWind, Ecoppia, EnVerid Systems, GEM Solar, Green Power Management, Linum Systems, PDP Technologies, RADiFlow, Roadic, Solview, SWICTHY and Tigi Solar.

EnergyVest will open with a keynote presentation from Haim Russo, the Executive Vice President for Engineering and Technology Excellence at Elbit Systems and Chairman of Capital Nature.

Investment bankers, heads of strategic investment divisions at large corporations, venture capitalists and angel investors from across the Middle East, North America, Europe and Asia are expected to attend EnergVest. energy

“We have put together an impressive lineup of Israel’s most promising new renewable and alternative energy technology companies,” said Noam Ilan, Vice President of Business Development of Capital Nature, and one of the organizers of EnergVest. “We are confident that green energy investors from around the world can find their next big investment opportunities at EnergyVest.”

EnergVest is being organized in association with Capital Nature, a leading investment firm focused on funding and accelerating early stage ventures and academic research in the emerging renewable energy field in Israel, and Israel NewTech, a national program led by the Ministry of Economy aimed at promoting Israel’s water and sustainable energy sectors.

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