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Israeli Water Expert Professor Avner Adin Wins Recognition in Mexico

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

The government of Mexico has awarded its highest honor in the water arena to an Israeli – Professor Avner Adin of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Professor Adin is an internationally recognized water expert with 50 years of experience and activity in nations around the world.

Professor Adin in Mexico

Professor Adin in Mexico

“This is a great honor for me,” said Professor Adin, “And especially a recognition of the high level the science of the water arena has achieved in Israel.   Israel’s leading technologies enable us to aid many countries around the world with the world’s biggest challenge in the 21st century, the growing lack of drinking water.”

The honor was granted by Ing. Juan José Guerra Abud, Mexico’s Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, at the annual ANEAS exhibition.  ANEAS is Mexico’s national organization of water utilities and its president, Ing. Roberto Olivares, who initiated the honor given to Professor Adin, represents Mexico at the International Water Association (IWA), at which Professor Adin represents Israel.

Adi Yefet, head of the water arena at Israel NewTech, congratulated Professor Adin: “Professor Adin is one of Israel’s most distinguished representatives to the international water industry.  We at Israel NewTech cooperate with him on countless occasions and opportunities around the globe to open doors for Israeli water companies and represent the industry.”

A number of Israeli water companies participated at the international ANEAS event, each hosting their own booth, including: Amiad, Aqwise, Bermad, Dorot, Nirosoft and Kochav. Adin Holdings “water solutions” (Raanan Adin CEO), conducted for ANEAS members a pre-conference  workshop on “Industrial Wastewater Challenges and Solutions”.

Professor Adin explained to us why he believes there’s a unique potential for Israeli water companies to do business in Mexico at this time: “Mexico suffers from a syndrome of ‘White Elephants’ – ambitious wastewater treatment installations that were built by American and European companies and today stand out of use. Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto and Dr. David Korenfeld, Director of CONAGUA – National Water Commission – has announced a 5 year plan to rehabilitate these facilities.”mexico

And how is the rehabilitation process particularly suited to what Israeli water technology companies have to offer? “Israel itself was a developing nation not too long ago, and knows how to overcome the challenges – such as maintenance and operation of facilities in this type of environment – that European and American companies are less experienced in facing. This is where Israel’s unique experience can be instrumental in helping Mexico move forward on the right track in wastewater treatment,” concludes Professor Adin.

Professor Adin at the Bermad booth

Professor Adin at the Bermad booth

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