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Brenmiller’s Unique Solar-Biomass Power Plant Will Provide Energy All Night Long

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Israel’s Brenmiller Energy has announced it would build a 300 million shekel ($77.27 million) solar-power field using an energy-storage technology that will generate electricity for about 20 hours a day.  The announcement was reported in CSP Today and Globes.

The 10-megawatt field, to be built on about 110 acres (45 hectares) in the desert town of Dimona in southern Israel, will combine existing solar thermal technology with an underground system that stores heat for use at night.

Brenmiller Energy said it hoped to complete the field in early 2017 and would then sell electricity through the grid. During the four hours of the day in which solar energy is insufficient, the company said it would use biomass to produce power. The company already has a working proof-of-concept for the storage system.

Avi Brenmiller, CEO of Brenmiller Energy, was interviewed by CSP Today, saying “The technology is well advanced in the development and testing cycle. Throughout the development cycle, it was key to us to ensure the technology is bankable. As such we sought ways to not “reinvent the wheel” but used the same building blocks that were used in the SEGS projects in California in the 1980’s, which I was personally involved in, and as the CEO of Solel/Siemens CSP from 1997. We have a fully operating demo plant, which is comprised of a full steam generation unit, at our test site in Israel, where we can demonstrate the results of the measured steam conditions.”


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