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NaanDanJain Enters Solar Arena With Breakthrough Panel Cleaning System

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

NaanDanJain, the merger of Israeli irrigation company NaanDan from Kibbutz Naan with Indian giant Jain Irrigation, has been providing irrigation solutions for agriculture from 1937 (as NaanDan), before the state of Israel was even established.  Today the company is entering the solar energy arena for the first time, with an innovative solution for cleaning solar panels.

Maoz Aviv

Maoz Aviv

“The energy production level of solar panels is reduced dramatically when the panels become dusty and dirty, as they inevitably do all the time,” explains Maoz Aviv, Senior Agronomist at NaanDanJain Irrigation.  “What we’ve done is taken our decades of experience in irrigation, and created solutions for cleaning solar panels using smart sprinkler systems.”

The company has developed two types of kits for cleaning solar panels, one which includes sprinkles which distribute water over the entire roof and one which attaches small  micro sprinklers to each individual panel.   “The world is moving in the cleantech direction, which means we are seeing both an increase in the use of solar panels, and of reclaimed water.  This system smartly combines both – providing cleaning for solar panels, which increases their effectiveness significantly, with the option of using reclaimed water,” says Aviv.

But the benefits of the system go far beyond the environmental ones.  Cleaning solar panels often requires someone to actually go up on the roof and clean the panels.  This is both dangerous, and expensive.  NaanDanJain’s solution enables users to clean panels with an automatic sprinkler system, which is safer and more cost effective.

The NaanDanJain system is already in place at agriculture storage facilities in Israel at Carmel Crops, on hundreds of solar panels, and at additional facilities of Yarok company in the Sharona area.  Feedback from these trial customers has been excellent and the return on investment is very positive, according to Aviv.

Although the trials have been on storage facilities, NaanDanJain’s cleaning solution is geared to all types of solar panel installations, including residential and commercial.  The fact that Jain Irrigation, NaanDanJain’s Indian mother company, is itself a manufacturer of solar panels, will surely provide the technology with a boost in the market and open doors.

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