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Israeli Companies Make Headway in California Water Industry

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Three Israeli water technologies met with potential customers in California, with an emphasis on the food & beverage sector.

California’s interest in Israeli water technologies, boosted by the drought in the region, is showing no signs of abating, and Israel’s Ministry of Economy is working hard to translate this interest into real business for Israeli companies.  Three Israeli companies just returned from a delegation in California, hosted by the Israeli Economic Mission to the West Coast, where they engaged with key potential customers in in-depth meetings.

One of the attending companies was bio-security firm Atlantium Technologies, which came out of the delegation with a very concrete business prospect.  We spoke with Atlantium’s Director of Sales in North America Douglas Yedwabnick.  Yewabnick made progress at Leprino, a huge food company which is the world’s largest producer of mozzarella cheese. “My feeling is that the leads and the quality of the contacts presented to Atlantium at this delegation were exceptional. I’m confident that our discussions with Leprino will turn into sales within the next three months. I already have a follow-up meeting scheduled with them next week.  We also made a great contact at Coca Cola, which is at an earlier stage but also promising.”

“This delegation is a natural extension of our efforts at Israel NewTech to bring Israeli technologies to sectors beyond the traditional water ulilities arena,” explains Adi Yefet, head of the water sector at Israel NewTech. “In this delegation there were a number of meetings with leaders in the food & beverage sector, we have also opened doors for companies in oil & gas and pharmaceuticals.  There is a growing understanding that water efficiency and security, for example, are crucial components in a number of large industries.”

The three Israeli companies attending the delegation were Atlantium Technologies, water filtration specialists Amiad and Triple-T wastewater treatment.  Meetings in California took place with representatives from a variety of companies, such as Leprino Foods, Costco, Coca Cola, Anheuser-Busch and the PSOMAS energy firm, as well as water corporations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California’s Department of Water, the Department of Agriculture and the Governor’s office. The meeting at the Governor’s office follows close on the heels of the recent Milken Financial Innovations Lab event in Israel, which was attended by government officials from California.

“Water corporations, private companies and of course governmental units operating in the state of California are looking for ways to improve efficiency and save water, and this is a significant opportunity for Israeli companies specializing in this area,” said Gili Ovadia, consul in the Israel Economic Mission to the West Coast. “I got great feedback from the Israeli companies who were very impressed with both the quality and quantity of the meetings.”

“I personally want to thank Gili Ovadia and the teams at the economic office and at Israel NewTech for the preparation in putting together this very effective activity,” said Douglas Yedwabnick  of Atlantium.

Helen Matthews, Marketing Leader at Amiad, added: “The delegation was a very effective and efficient way to learn about existing water system issues from the participating companies and discuss solutions with them.  This was a wonderful opportunity to establish business relationships and discuss product solutions between Israeli-based companies and U.S. companies.”



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