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Innovation Pavillion Showcases New Technologies & Trends

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

The international WATEC conference and exhibition kicked off in Tel Aviv today.  Israeli start-ups presented their latest innovations to an international crowd at the Innovation Pavillion.

Eytan Levy is one of Israel’s most experienced entrepreneurs in the water arena.  We caught up with him today at the WATEC Innovation Pavillion, where Emefcy, which he heads, exhibited along with three dozen additional Israeli water start-ups.  “The timeline for start-ups in the water sector is different then from hi-tech, for example,” explains Levy. “It takes around seven to ten years for a water company to develop technology and start selling.”  Emefcy, which has raised $15M, is now getting to the market with its unique SABRE (Spiral Aerobic Biofilm Reactor) solution for wastewater treatment.

Emefcy is also now going to IPO at on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Why ASX? “The Australian Exchange is more open then others to technology based companies, that are not yet selling in large volumes.  Emefcy is actually the first Israeli cleantech company to IPO at the ASX,” concludes Levy.

One of the trends evident at the Innovation Pavillion is the effort to connect the “old world” water sector with today’s app culture.  We saw two companies which provide information on water networks straight to your smart phone.

Aqua-Rimat is marketing its Flowless solution, which is already installed in over 1000 sites in Israel, including all of HP’s facilities in the country. Tali Evron, Company Administrator, explains the product’s advantages: “Flowless alerts customers immediately when there is a leak. Today 25% of water expenditure is lost on leaks, so the sooner they are identified and halted, the better. This presents significant savings for the customer.”  Aqua-Rimat is targeting the U.S. and taking its first marketing and sales steps in that market.

Another company active in this sphere is Triple+.  The start-up, which has raised $10M to date from private investors, provide sensors which identify irregularities and leaks of both water and gas, and inform clients through apps in real-time.  “Our solution automatically shuts down the flow of water or gas as soon as a leak is identified.  In the gas arena, this can even be a life-saver,” explains Sivan Maron, Business Development at Triple+.

“The Innovation Pavillion is the beating heart of WATEC,” says Oded Distel, head of Israel NewTech, which is one of the organizers of the event.  “Exposing Israeli start-ups to the thousands of international visitors, and opening up the global market to them in this way is very satisfying, this is what Israel NewTech is all about.”


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