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Israel and Word Bank Build Foundation for Cooperation in Brazil

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

A delegation of representatives from Brazil’s water and agriculture sectors and from the World Bank recently toured Israel. Interview with Israel’s Economic Attache in Sao Paolo Boaz Albaranes.

Extensive World Bank projects are planned in Brazil in the water and agriculture sectors, and Israeli technologies can play a central role in many of them.  This was the background for a delegation organized by the Israeli Economic Office in Sao Paolo and Israel NewTech in Israel, which took place November 1-5. brazil2015-2

“Israel is recognized by both the World Bank and water and agriculture experts in Brazil as a leader in these sectors,” explains Boaz Albaranes, Israel’s Economic Attache in Sao Paulo. The business potential for Israeli companies is significant, according to Albaranes. “There are dozens of projects planned, totaling many millions of dollars. Moreover, the Brazilian industry leaders who visited Israel in the delegation, manage extensive work outside the scope of the World Bank projects, which can also potentially implement Israeli technologies.”

The delegation included four World Bank representatives and 20 from nine different Brazilian states, including Sao Paulo, Rio Grande do Norte, Bahia, and Paraiba.  The group toured together for two days, and then separately, meeting with Israeli companies and seeing technologies in the field.

“The visit was planned so that we could provide the ‘big picture’ of Israel’s activities in the water and agriculture arenas,” explains Albaranes.  To this end the visits included talks with government program heads, including Oded Distel of Israel NewTech, and visits to Israel’s national water company Mekorot , Jerusalem’s water utility Hagihon and the Soreq desalination plant.brazil2015-3

The visit also introduced delegates to innovative Israeli water and agritech startups, such as Water-Gen, Ayyeka, Biofeed, Taranis and others.

“Israel and Brazil are both world leaders in agriculture technology, whereas in water innovation Israel has an advantage.  There is already extensive import and export activity, but we are doing all we can to promote and extend this activity, and World Bank projects are one great pipeline for additional business,” concludes Albaranes.

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