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Oded Distel Selected to List of Most Influencial People in Israel’s Hi-Tech Industry

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Israel’s leading technology blog, Geektime, has published its list of “100 most influencial people in Israel’s hi-tech industry,” which included Israel NewTech head Oded Distel.

Israel NewTech, the Israeli government program working since 2006 to support Israel’s cleantech – water and energy – sectors, was honored this week when the program’s head Oded Distel was selected to Geektime’s prestigious list of influencers.  The list included founders of powerful venture capital firms, industry leaders, opinion leaders and others.

Oded Distel

Oded Distel

“The team at Israel NewTech and I are pleased to have been recognized by Geektime,” says Oded Distel.  “It’s another indication of the impact that the program has had and continues to have on Israel’s cleantech arena.  Another great indication of the success of the Israel NewTech model – in which a program connects all the parties in a sector, start-ups, established companies, government entities, investors and academia, to encourage cooperation and growth – is that we see it inspiring other programs around the world.  We often meet with people from different countries who want to learn our model in order to replicate it in their home country.”

Distel also views the recognition as proof of the emerging role of cleantech in Israel’s hi-tech arena: “The separation that once existed, defining hi-tech and cleantech as two distinct arenas, is slowly fading.  If water and energy were once considered ‘heavy’ low-tech industries, today they embrace and implement many of the technologies used in hi-tech, such as big data, IT and more. Water and alternative energy, especially as they are being approached and implemented by innovative Israeli start-ups, are on the cutting edge of hi-tech today.”

Geektime described the list of influencers as people whose impact is felt on the global level, and who are defining how Israel’s hi-tech arena looks and where it is headed.  Distel was one of only two government representatives on the list, together with Chief Scientist Avi Hasson.

“This award is one more proof that the hard work we do with Israeli companies day in and day out  – helping them to connect to investors, to international industry, opening new business opportunities – is recognized and impactful.  We look forward to continuing to support Israel’s water and alternative energy innovators in 2016 and beyond,” concludes Distel.

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