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Israeli Innovation Shines at Paris Climate Change Conference

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Israel’s delegation to the United Nations Climate Change Conference included eight breakthrough companies developing global warming mitigation technologies technologies.  Interview with the new Secretary of the Global Solar Council (GSC) & Director General of the Green Energy Association of Israel, Eitan Parnass.

“Israel is a tiny country which can play only a very small role in helping reach global goals in minimizing its GHG emissions, but we can play a very large, game-changing role in bringing the world innovative alternative energy technologies,” says Eitan Parnass.  Parnass recently returned from the UN Global Climate Change Conference in Paris COP21, where he headed a delegation of eight Israeli technology companies active in the alternative energy arena.paris3

The group of eight companies was part of a larger Israeli delegation, which included Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and leaders from government, industry and NGOs.  The delegation took part in the conference, and an Israeli booth presented Israel’s technological breakthroughs in clean energy.

Eitan Parnass was recently chosen to be secretary of The Global Solar Council (GSC). This organization was established by the leading regional and national solar associations to unify the solar power sector at an international level, share best practices and accelerate global market developments.Our goal is to encourage the wide-scale adoption of solar energy through cooperation, education and training,” said John Smirnow, Secretary-General of the GSCa, according to SolarServer

“I believe the selection of an Israeli to head GSC is a sign of the high standing in which the international solar community holds Israeli technology,” says Parnass, who has been involved in efforts to advance solar energy internationally for years. Parnass believes that his position will enable him to open doors for Israeli companies active in the solar photovoltaic arena.paris2

Moran Buganim-Gold, head of the energy arena at Israel NewTech, the government organization which has been supporting Israel’s renewable energy startups for years, is optimistic: “The agreements reached at the Paris conference are already impacting the industry.  For example, venture capital firms and organizations are establishing alternative energy funds and increasing their spending in this arena.”   One high profile example of this is the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, comprised of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Alibaba executive chairman Jack Ma, among others. “We at Israel NewTech will do our best to make sure that Israeli alternative energy companies get the best shot at reaching this type of emerging funding,” concludes Buganim-Gold.

The companies which participated in the Paris delegation were: SolarEdge, EnStorage, HomeBiogas, Ecoppia, BreezoMeter, Brenmiller Energy, Phinergy, and ETREE.  Events in Paris included presentations to the business community, an open exhibition of the Israeli technologies held at the Grand Palaise, and the Gallery area of the COP21 , and numerous meetings between the Israeli companies with leading investors and industry leaders.

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