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Desalitech Recognized as Leading Global Water Technology Company

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

When we drink a glass of water, or use water to wash dishes or take a shower, we’re aware that we’re using water.  But actually, for almost every single item we use – when we buy a sweater, a smartphone or a book, fuel our car, take a pill or even turn on the light and use electricity – we’re not always aware that the creation of each of these products requires massive amounts of water.

Desalitech CEO Nada Efraty

Desalitech CEO Nada Efraty

Industries like the Power, Food and Beverage, Refinaries, Paper, Microelectronics,pharmaceutical and many others utilize highly purified water for their production processes. This water is treated to a much higher level then tap water, typically by a process called Reverse Osmosis, which is the same process that is used for sea water desalination. However, that procsss has traditionaly been known to be wastefull in terms of water and energy.

Desalitech has made tremendous strides in becoming perhaps the leading water-tech startup in the world today. Between the various awards it has won, Desalitech has just been selected as a finalist for the 2016 Global Water Award for Breakthrough Water Technology of the Year by the leading international publication Global Water Intelligence, for the second consecutive year.

Desalitech’s systems are used by Fortune 500 companies, including Coca Cola, Southen Califora Edison and many others, both for the purification of their incoming water and for the reuse of their waste streams. The unique value of its solutions are their greater efficiency, that lowers water waste by 50%-80% and the energy usage by 20-35% in comparison with traditional reverse osmosis solutions, and its ability to greatly improve the reliability and flexibilty of the treatment process.

The company has raised over $24M from Israeli and Amercian funds, and partnered with  many leading water treatment companies in the world, including Veolia and Pall, that are offering its systems as part of their sollutions.

“Everyone want the latest phone, TV, and car. Not many will consider taking a 30 year old model… Yet, the industrial sector is filled with and still buying inefficent and unreliable water treatment systems, that have not changed in decades.” says Desalitech CEO, Nadav Efraty. “Desalitech is changing this reality, and fast forwarding the water industry to its inevitable future.Desalitech Installation

“Its great to see Desalitech rise to the top of the list of water technology companies worldwide, and be recognized,” added Adi Yefet, head of the water arena at Israel NewTech, “We’re very happy for their success, and expect more great things from them and from the Israeli water industry in the years to come.”

“The unique combination of reuse, desalination and water awareness makes Israel the model for our global water future,” says Efraty. “We are proud of our Israeli roots, that have inspired the pursuit for water and energy efficiency, and are thankful for the support we have always received from Oded Distel, Adi Yefet and the team at Israel NewTech.”

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