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Romania looks to Israel for leading water technology solutions

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

The Romanian delegation at Hagihon's facilities

The Romanian delegation at Hagihon’s facilities

The senior management of Raja Constanta, Romania’s largest water utility, visited Israel with an intention to implement Israeli water technologies to improve Romania’s infrastructure.

The stars are aligning, as the saying goes, to make Romania a unique opportunity for Israeli cleantech companies. “The EU has granted Romania a budget of billions of Euros to upgrade its water infrastructure, which is in dire need of improvement, by 2020,” explains Matan Safran, Commercial Attaché to Romania, who organized the visit from Raja Constanta, together with Israel Newtech and the Israel Export Institute. “Romania and Israel have long enjoyed a strong diplomatic and economic relationship.  This, together with the reputation of Israel’s water industry as a world leader, makes Israeli companies a natural choice to supply Romania with relevant solutions,” adds  Mr. Safran.

Safran outlines the unique character of Romania’s water market: “Out of a population of 22 million, 10 million Romanians are not connected to any municipal water or wastewater systems.  Clearly this situation will change in the coming few years, the only question is which companies will provide the solutions.”  In addition, Romania’s economy has the highest growth in all of Europe, with 4.25% growth forecasted in 2016.  Outside Africa, Romania is perhaps the highest potential market for Israeli water companies, according to Mr. Safran.

The Romanian delegation at RWL Water

The Romanian delegation at RWL Water

Raja Constanta is Romania’s largest water utility, and is known for being welcoming to innovation. The delegation to Israel was headed by Deputy General Director Aurel Presura, and visited with ten Israeli water and energy companies and utilities, including RWL Water, Hagihon, SolarEdge, TaKaDu, Curapipe, Mei Shikma, Utillis and Odis.

Mr. Presura stated: “The visit to Israel was very efficient for RAJA. We saw very interesting companies and promising technologies and most importantly – we met with highly professional experts. We are very eager to start cooperation with Israeli companies and twin water operators”.

Mr. Safran adds: “Raja is very interested in solutions for sludge management, wastewater treatment, purification of wells, leak prevention and solar technologies.  Progress will be quick – I can say that the team at Raja is already following up with six out of the ten companies and utilities they met in their visit in the first week of April.”  The first stage towards implementation is smaller pilot projects, which if successful will expand into full execution through a public tender.  Some cooperation agreements for such pilots are planned to be signed in just a month in an Israeli delegation to Romania which is organized by Matan’s team in cooperation with Israel Newtech and the Export Institute.

“From the point of view of the Commercial Attaché, I can say that this cooperation with Raja Constanta is a ‘dream’ project – a growing economy with a huge need, a country with a strong appreciation of Israel and Israeli technologies, and an eager client with available budget – all these set the stage for us to help Israel’s water industry achieve excellent results in Romania,” concludes Mr. Safran.

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