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A promising market for water technologies in Peru

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

Commercial Attaché Leo Makukh is laying the foundation for Israel’s first economic office in Peru, which is set to open in just a few weeks in the Israeli embassy in Lima. Perhaps the most promising sector for potential export to Peru is the water sector, according to Makukh.


“Peru is a nation with a population of over 31 million, that has 50 regional and municipal water service providers, with over half of them experiencing water management challenges,” explains Makukh.  “In the Ica region, the agribusiness boom has led to the drying up of water reservoirs, and now the situation has become dire.”

Makukh recently attended a major technical water conference in Ica, the capital city of the Ica Region in southern Peru, at which he presented the Israeli case study on water efficiency and technologies. Meetings were set up at the event with key governmental representatives of Peru’s water industry, to explore potential cooperation with Israeli companies.

“The water technologies that Peru is most interested in are the usual suspects: leak prevention, water purification, water management and desalination,” explains Makukh. Mekorot and Tahal were among the Israeli companies who have previously conducted studies on Peru’s water challenges, and it looks like now is a good time to follow up on the work that has begun. Peruvian authorities, including the Governor of Ica, Fernando Cilloniz, expressed interest at the event in these studies and in the exploration of cooperation opportunities based upon them and others.”peru2

One of the reasons Makukh is optimistic about Peru’s commitment to investing in its water sector is the new government that took office in 2016.  “The new President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, is a new breed of leader for this country,” explains Makukh. “He is a very effective technocrat, with impressive international experience, having held positions at both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.  He has already declared that water will be a top priority for his administration.”

Now that Israel will have an economic office and team on the ground in Peru for the first time, together with the current state of Peru’s water sector as far as the need and the willingness to implement new solutions, altogether this represents a promising opportunity for Israeli water technology companies.


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