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Prime Minister of Jamaica visits Ayalon Wastewater Treatment Plant in Israel

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

The Honorable Andrew Holness, Prime Minister of Jamaica, paid a historic visit to the Ayalon Wastewater Treatment Plant recently, accompanied by Ambassador Senator Aubyn Hill, Head of Jamaica’s National Water Commission, Ambassador Dr. Nigel Clarke, Economic Affairs, and Major General Antony Anderson, National Security Advisor.

The visit was organized by Adin Holdings (AH) water consulting and solutions, MIYA of the Arison Investments Group and the Ayalon Association of Cities and Towns, together with Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

MIYA is already active in Jamaica, having signed contract for a $42.5M project with the National Water Commission of Jamaica to improve the efficiency of Kingston’s water system.

“The technologies that the Jamaican sector is most interested in are wastewater for reuse, desalination, rainwater harvesting and water management,” explains Raanan Adin, CEO of Adin Holdings. “The delegation members were most impressed with the way the water system in Israel is centralized and efficiently managed.”

The delegation paid special attention to the “Menashe Rivers” project, in which water from four rivers is harvested and directed into the ground water. “This is an example of effective water harvesting and management that the Jamaican delegation was impressed with and would consider implementing in their country,” adds Raanan Adin.

Adin’s water consulting company Adin Holdings, together with H.G.M Consulting Engineers & Planners and Integrated Building Services (IBS) from Nassau, recently completed a large scale water consulting project for Jamaica’s neighbor, The Bahamas, a “Wastewater Master Plan”. “Only 15% of the population in The Bahamas is connected to wastewater collection and treatment systems, some of which are not functioning,” explains Adin. “The implementation of the Master Plan will stretch over 20 years, at the end of which most of the population will be connected to larger and more advanced wastewater treatment plants.” The project began three years ago and is now at the stage of tenders for execution. This type of project could also be relevant for the Jamaican market and any Island country worldwide, according to Adin.

The delegation was accompanies by Ambassador Yoed Magen – Director of Central America and Caribbean Department, and Ms. Simi Hayim – Programs Organizer, both of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The professional program started with an overview of the modern water cycle in Israel and the holistic water planning approach on country, regional and municipal levels, including the inter-relationships among water reuse, desalination, conservation and rainwater harvesting systems, presented by Prof. Avner Adin – Hebrew University of Jerusalem and AH Chairman and Chief Scientist. Prof. Adin also pointed out – and the guests agreed – that the latest droughts in Jamaica increase the necessity for water resource management strategies and solutions similar to those Israel has taken in past and recent years.

Explanation on Ayalon WWTP with emphasis on agricultural water reclamation and industrial reuse was given by Ms. Elana Rubin – Ayalon Association Secretary and WWTP Manager. Ayalon, which began operation in 1999, is the country’s fourth largest wastewater treatment plant. The plant was firstly designed to treat 54,000 m3/day of wastewater a day and is being expanded to 81,000 m3/day and upgraded to tertiary treatment, which will allow unrestricted irrigation. The visit continued with a visual tour of the plant, during which the applicability of Israel’s solutions to Jamaica was discussed.


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