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The Global Race for Algae Biofuel and Oil

By: Mickey Chesla

As nations and companies across the globe strive to discover alternative, sustainable oil substitutes, one form of biofuel source seems to be getting a lot of buzz.  This source is algae-based fuel, which is made by harvesting and converting natural Read More

    The answer is blowing in the wind – Israel’s SmartWind introduces new wind energy technology for inconsistent wind patterns

    By: Mickey Chesla

    Wind energy has been a buzzword in sustainable energy circles for decades.  Even though a lot of progress has been made, wind energy faces a number of obstacles: wind turbines create significant noise, they are not ideal for the urban Read More

      Israel’s Cleantech industry shines at the European Energy Venture Fair – by Oded Distel

      By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager
      European Fair

      I recently got back from the European Energy Venture Fair which took place in Zurich September 13-14.  This very prestigious conference brought together European (mostly) and American Cleantech investment professionals exclusively (corporate VCs, angels etc.) for two days of discussions Read More

        Welcome to the Israel NewTech Blog

        By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager
        Oded Distel

        Oded Distel Israel NewTech has been supporting Israel’s Cleantech sector since 2006, and seen many developments and successes along the way.  Following the very successful WATEC conference in 2009, we are now looking forward to the next WATEC, which will Read More