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Water Industry To Converge in Tel Aviv for WATEC 2015

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

WATEC 2015,  the Israeli water week, will take place in Tel Aviv this month, bringing together the world’s leading experts in the water arena.  Interview with Yossi Yaacoby of Mekorot  the Chairman of the conference and Oded Distel of Israel Read More

WATEC 2013 Wrap-Up – a one of a kind opportunity for Israel’s water industry

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

“WATEC was one of a kind opportunity for us, as a start-up, to achieve very significant business leads,” says Udi Leshem, CEO of Aquanos, an Israel start-up offering energy efficient wastewater treatment solutions. Aquanos exhibited in a booth at the Read More

WATEC 2011 wrap up: innovation, investment and cooperation

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager

The WATEC 2011 event provided a unique forum for Israeli technology innovators and international water and energy professionals to meet and forge cooperations. The event was a huge success with 25,000 visitors (including thousands of international visitors), 200 exhibitors (who Read More

The answer is blowing in the wind – Israel’s SmartWind introduces new wind energy technology for inconsistent wind patterns

By: Mickey Chesla

Wind energy has been a buzzword in sustainable energy circles for decades.  Even though a lot of progress has been made, wind energy faces a number of obstacles: wind turbines create significant noise, they are not ideal for the urban Read More

“Surfing the Sun”- innovative cost-cutting for the solar industry

By: dev team Eyal Dror – inspired by kite flying

Cost cutting is the name of the game nowadays, even when it comes to the Cleantech field where new inventions are judged by their cost-effectiveness as much as their environmental benefits. Using the solar energy as an effective alternative source Read More